The Best Of Barron Knights [Prestige]

Barron Knights-Can Can

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歌手 : Barron Knights
语种 : 英语
时长 : 02:20

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Can Can - Barron Knights
Your dustman will bring his van
And take your rubbish if he can
Put it in your wheelie bin
The nut shell day shell sea shell door bell
Then with luck he'll take
Your muck and put it on his garbage truck
A watering can a rusty pram
Some bottles and a frying pan
If you find it
Doesn't open up be surprised
He won't flirt 'cos
He might have been privatised
But make sure you
Leave him out a Christmas tip
Or he might just
Use your garden for a skip
And you will find it in a tip
With fish and chips and broken
Zips and cycle clips and bits and bits of walnut whips
Last Saturday my aunty Florrie chased a council lorry
It ran over her geraniums
And she in a panic told him where he got a vantage
When he shot off in a cloud of dust
But this left her with a bin full
So she had a skin full
Took the whole lot up the council offices
And dumped
Fish heads on the mayors new Ford Granada
Should have bought a Lada
Serves him flipping right
So the next time
Your about to chuck a rotten cabbage out
Think about those brave young men
Who put up with your smelly rubbish
Then when things are looking grim
That's when your bill for rates come in
It's no sin have a fling in the spring with a grin
Chuck the thing in the bin
Get the thing round the garden
Follow with a gin and tonic
Then Mrs in the Spring time when it get to bin time
Do the can can for your local dustman and you might
Get him all excited he will be delighted
Whip you out an extra rubbish bag
So let's have a celebration shout it to the nation
Let the most devoted men in all the world
Have luck who cart away what you discarded
And they're disregarded
Think of what
Life would be like without them emptying your bin
Soon there'd be garbage piling right up to your chin
And that was somewhere pretty thin
'Cos you'd get warts and lose your skin
And life would really be so grim
So load your dustbin to the brim
And stand to face the old town hall
To thank the dustmen one and all

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