Born to Sing

En Vogue-Strange

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歌手 : En Vogue
专辑 : Born to Sing
语种 : 英语
时长 : 04:39

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Artist:en vogue
Songs Title:strange
It really isnt clear
What the story is my dear
So Ill have to analyze
All those lies and alibis
One look was all it took
Cause I know you like a book
You think you're cleaver
Those endeavors that you're hiding
I'm deciding that were through
Got a feeling youve been lying to me lately
When we kiss I get a bad vibration
You tried to hide the guilt in your eyes
Leaving clues without a trace
We used to talk and now you're always quiet
I ask you why you say that you're just tired
You get a call and you're ready to walk out the door
And I think its kinda strange
My suspicions are killing me
But I don't wanna point the finger at you
You say I shouldnt place the blame
But it seems you're playing games
How much longer must I tolerate this madness
So low I can't get under it
So high I can't get over it
So wide I can't get around it
And its looking mighty strange
Yesterday I saw you across town
Buying roses thats something you never do
When you got home hello is all I got from you
Don't cha think thats kinda strange
I been feelin kinda funny since the last time
Cause you left in such a hurry tryin to buy time
If you're doing what I'm thinking that you're going
Then I think you need to change
I can't say when
But it seems it all began
When I felt an icy tingle down my spine
You say its in my mind
So I must resolve to find
Little pieces of the puzzle that fit
You think you're so slick
But I'm up on all your tricks
And I think you're soon to be
A small part of history
I know its hard to see
So how you are cheating me
You can't hide
I can't stop it
Can't get by it
And to top it off you're strange

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