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Powerman 5000-Neckbone

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歌手 : Powerman 5000
语种 : 英语
时长 : 03:59

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Artist:powerman 5000
Songs Title:neckbone
Neckbone or backbone neckbone or back
You got no fiction if youve got no fact
Neckbone or backbone your choice for the breakin
Youre thinkin for a minute your choice might be takin mistaken
For some good or some bad
You see what you got
There aint no difference in the left, right
There aint no difference in the blind, sight
Now stop for a minute cause your head is gettin spastic
Paper or plastic-paper or plastic
Situation no win is the sin
So you rush for a change but the change has just always been the same
Same fools still trippin off some old ways
New fools just thinkin about some better days
Transparent, apparently you let it all pass
A kick in the head a kick in the ass
Its all the same to me
Fire or freezin
Dried up or bleeding
Just when its over you get what youre needing too much or no time
Shut up its all mine and I let it go like that
Neckbone or backbone neckbone or back
You got no fiction if you got no fact
Kobeyashi maru what you gonna do
Am I gettin through
Am I gettin through
Five triple zero
Yes you are no hero
You stop and wait, and why
Oh where, oh where, oh where can I be
You must understand that the world is crazy its not for me
This is combat rock for the masses
But you know I fear the masses need to get their asses kicked, quick!
Step on up...

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