Ice T-The Syndicate

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歌手 : Ice T
专辑 : Power
语种 : 英语
时长 : 03:31

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The Syndicate - Ice T
Liquid solid gas we'll be kickin' a**
In any form or matter or mass
This ain't science class I know but it's science
From the rhyme boss of the Syndicate alliance
Ballin' makin' ya feel the growth
Rhyme Syndicate brotherhood we rock a blood oath
Radical posse down to death
While your crew's on the tape Donald-D break
Syndicate comin through I'm talkin to you
Flexin hardcore what could you do
When we roll up you send your girl up to the crib-o
Is it Rambo No the mic ammo
Stompin you down on the ground task forces
Let you know Rhyme Syndicate bosses
Any show any tour we house program
Donald-D is who I am damn
Atttempt to do this boy you're takin a risk
Cause my voice sounds doper than a compact disc
Styles and lyrics precise right in the pocket
Stupid d**e beats and Evil E rocks it
Straight from my heart
My jam is sure to hit the top of the charts
Ram is my sign he's different from all kinds
Rock you all of the time just form a single line
A lot of MC's like to talk 'bout they self
A first-grade topic I think you need help
How many time on one album can you say you're def
"I'm baaaad" - Yo punk save your breath
That's weak sh*t from a weak mind
And a weak mind creates weak rhymes
You ain't never kicked knowledge one time
Just livin on your own dick (that's a crime)
Homeboy why don't you talk about somethin
You just talkin loud and sayin nothin
And if you get mad sorry brother
And when you're in LA watch your colors
I'm a MD but no medical doctor
Mic-Dominator Donald-D has got you
Comin to the jamboree to hear the poetry
And when you break north the melody
Stick to your mind like paste it can't be erased
Face to face I overpower like bass
To the climax I don't carry a sax
I carry a axe to tax and wax those who rap
Born in Brooklyn crib West Coast
MC's I toast you that talk most
Trash noise can't throw get with it
Comin from the mouth of Hen-Gee from the Syndicate
Ballers mafia down to throw
Gangsters convicts throwin solid blows
Start prayin your sisters I'm layin
I'm Hen-Gee a Spinmaster hear what I'm sayin
Party on the dancefloor Party on the dancefloor
Party on the dancefloor Party on the dancefloor
Evil E's in the place
Evil E's in the place
Evil E's in the place
Evil E's in the place
Doggin' the wax
Doggin' the wax
An organization alliance no duplication
Rhyme Syndicate a strong creation
The Syndicate's stronger day by day
12-gauge leave suckers brutally
Layin in a Incomprehensible
Your lines are thin Hen-Gee came to win
Don't talk a bunch just known to crunch
My one-two punch will put your butt out to lunch
Full-court pressure's what I'm applyin
No relyin on the next man roar like a lion
Flexin plexin ultra the Bronx is my culture
Strikin hard like a vulture
Flingin I'm slingin my hammer like Thor
No singin bringin it raw to the core
Shogun assassin maxin in a limousine
You stick your head in out comes the guillotine
Incomprehensible the game as I kick it
Don't miss it get with it
Diss it you're a knucklehead evicted
From the crowd that's proud to be the Syndicate connection
Respect mandatory up is the direction
I stand alone one man that's true
But you my crew you're on my side
We're on a ride
Power and pride is our gift
And you're down with
The Syndicate

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