Trap & B (Explicit)

Fetty Wap-FWY

歌手 : Fetty Wap
语种 : 英语
流派 : Alternative
时长 : 02:26

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FWY (Explicit) - Fetty Wap
Oh oh
B***h b***h b***h haha
I think I love sayin' that s**t
Sayin' that s**t
Sayin' that s**t
Yeah says on the beat
Says on the beat
Ayy walk up like what's up
Babygirl saw you pass me
Why this n***a standing so close
I'm just asking
F**k is this n***a
Better be a friend 'fore a n***a get to blasting
I'm sorry if I'm coming too strong
I'ma moving relax now
Baby where I'm from if it's war
I don't back down yeah
Hold up let me chill
Tryna build with yo' pretty a*s
Always on a 12 up the hill
Don't know where he at 12
All white beamer times two
I ain't stingy baby mwah
I want me to pleasure you in some fendi baby
I hope all of yo' exes get offended baby ha
You should see the pleasure on yo'
Face when I'm in it baby ooh
Open up your legs lil' b***h
Face all in it baby mwah
I just wanna chill
Let me put you in the bentley baby yeah
Better keep it cute before n***as
Don't be friendly baby yeah
Make me pop out if I'm comin'
Then he finished baby yeah
Know I be thuggin' even harder when
I'm in you baby ooh
One that I'm lovin' if I say it
Then I mean it baby ooh
You see me pull up then I brought it
I ain't rent it baby ooh
Buy a n***a out yeah
Then make a new tenant baby yeah
Show you what I'm 'bout huh money
I can spend it zoo baby yeah
Money I'ma spend it
Spend it yeah
Put you in a drop and it's tinted girl yeah
Think is you with it with it
I be countin' guap b***h I'm winnin' yeah girl
Know you nasty so you with it girl yeah
Put your legs on the ceiling girl ooh
I know you like that feeling girl yeah
You lay here I hit it girl
Every time I talk I'm like
What's up
What's up baby
Always ask a n***a if he f**k with you
Babygirl you got me know I'm stuck with you ooh
Babygirl you got me know I'm stuck with you yeah
F**k with you know I f**k with you
Only up with you know it's up with you
They can't f**k with you
Know I f**k with you oh ohh
Girl you know I'm stuck with you baby yeah
And you know I f**k with you baby yeah
Girl you know what's up with you baby yeah
Uh only wanna f**k with you you
Shine brighter than a jewel jewel
Huh girl with you I can't lose can't lose lose
Huh make me put him on the news on the news news
Yeah yeah yeah

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